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SaaS and the loss of touch

Liam Curley
Liam Curley
1 min read
The loss of touch

If a customer can touch your product, they feel possession over it.

A sense of possession increases their sense of value and desire to own it.[1]

That’s bad for SaaS companies and a key reason why customers undervalue software. But there are tactics to do something about it…

If you’re selling a high-value SaaS, a way to incorporate touch is to create supporting materials to deliver to the customer.

What physical supporting materials could you send to increase ownership? What smart direct mail resources could you send before the purchase with a clear link to your product?

For example, could you design a custom notebook that would accompany the product? I’m not just talking about a branded notebook. I’m talking about something thoughtfully designed that supports the solution you provide (like this from James Clear).


[1] Research conducted by Atasoy and Morewedge in Digital Goods Are Valued Less Than Physical Goods, Journal of Consumer Research