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The best time to ask for a referral

Liam Curley
Liam Curley
1 min read
The best time to ask for the referral is before the sale

If you're selling a service, you get the opportunity to sit with the prospect before the sale. During the discovery phase, you can ask what value they hope to derive from your service, the metrics to measure whether the value is delivered, and what the final result looks like.

You present how you'll deliver that value and monitor progress. Once you've documented their expectations of the transaction, you can present yours. Usually, we merely tell them the price and terms of payment. What if you ask this:

"My commitment is to provide the value as outlined. We've agreed on what the final result looks like for you, and at the point that we deliver the outcome, I'll ask for you to refer us to three other people like you who will also benefit from our service."

With this approach, chances are you'll at least double the number of referral leads you'll receive. We all view ourselves as someone that delivers on our commitments. If you deliver on your promise, as agreed in black and white, they will.